Tim Wiese


My name is Tim Wiese I am the Controller at Goetz and have worked with the company since 2016. I have a BA in Accounting from St. Ambrose University and I am a Certified Public Accountant. I have 30+ Years of experience in Finance and Accounting and if BJ Sorensen lets me, I plan to work for Goetz Concrete & Construction until I am 110 years old (because let’s face it–fishing and golfing get boring after a few days off work).

When I’m not working, I love doing the fishing and golfing thing; although, I’m not really good at either. I also really enjoy raising my family & a garden, and occasionally arguing just for the sake of arguing (Just Kidding–Kind of).

My wife Kari and I have 3 sons: Grant, Adam, & Luke. The boys are very active in sports and keep us busy all the time. We live in Davenport, and I would love to see them continue to live and thrive here in the Midwest and ideally the Quad Cities area. I believe that working at Goetz allows me a way to play a small but important part in the future of the community. Goetz is a great place to work.