Dennis Ahrens


QC Native born and raised in Iowa Quad Cities. I grew up on a small, local farm and graduated from Davenport West. I went to work for a local factory right out of high school and was laid off in the late ‘70’s which lead to my start in construction and concrete in 1979. I have been working in the trade ever since and became Union in 1990.

This year my wife and I will celebrate 33 years of marriage. We have 2 daughters, 2 Sons-In-Law, and 8 Grandchildren. I enjoying fishing and spending my free time with my family – especially my grandkids. I also enjoy volunteering for the Big Brothers -Big Sisters Putt-Putt Golf with my Grandson. I’ve been with Goetz just outside of 5 years. Working at Goetz is rewarding and enjoyable because the crew is great, teamwork is outstanding, and we are a tight-knit group.